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When did we stop holding one another up.


When did we stop holding one another up.

In the wake of the Trayvon Martin tragedy and the acquittal of the man who killed him the most prevalent statement that I have heard by those who defended the killer was that “Black people kill one another all of the time- now they want to make a big deal about someone else killing one of them.”

While that statement is corrupt and intrinsically evil on so many different levels, the issue that I have to address is the slither of truth in it that black people regularly kill one another.

I have postulated many times why this occurs, poverty, oppression, greed, selfishness, lack of knowledge of history and the past, effects of slavery and so.

BUT none of that changes the fact that each person has his own choice to make. When a person pulls a trigger and commits murder- that was a personal choice that he could have made differently.

I have seen impoverished peoples living together in peace and harmony, helping one another with what little they had and surviving- content together with very little.
Sacrificing what little one has to help others is love.
Standing on your tippy toes and reaching above and beyond over your head to boost another up so that they can reach higher is love- and what happens is that the love that you show returns to you in multiple ways. What that person grabbed for and reached because of your support, may be the very thing that turns around and feeds you as well.

How did the love get lost in the black community? What happened that we stopped banding together to help one another so that everyone’s child was fed? At what point did my car and house mean more to me than your child’s life?

I don’t know precisely at what turn in black history crack became more prevalent on the streets than human kindness, but I know that for each individual it came down to a choice.

Was it a choice to abandon God and forget the real source of our provisions? Was it a choice to abandon the knowledge of yesterday, our history, and ignorantly run forward with an each man for himself mentality only looking at the gain today and not the cost to our people tomorrow.
Was it a choice to not gain wisdom and understand that it is better to hold your brother up and be there to catch him if he were to fall? Or was it a combination of it all?

I don’t know what the beginning of the problem was, but I believe that the answer is to turn back to the true and living God, to search for the truth, and learn to love.


We Are Symbiotic


We are symbiotic creatures, so how much more did God the creator, plan for us to provide for one another?  We have a symbiotic relationship with things around us. Bacteria live on our skin naturally to protect us and our skin is a home for the bacteria; the same with natural fungi that we all carry.   We live amongst the trees which we need to produce oxygen in our environment and the trees need our carbon dioxide to take in and survive.  We have a symbiotic relationship with our pets, and the list goes on.


Humans living symbiotically with the nature around them are one of the natural ways that we sustain life through each life providing for the other.  Symbiosis refers to different species living together, but is it not also a model for how we are to live among ourselves as humans also? 


We are at the top of the food chain more or less (less- if you find yourself alone in a dark jungle at the wrong hour of the day) so we then as beings with higher understandings and capabilities, should also understand the interdependent relationship that we have with one another.  We need one another’s protection, work, food and personal contribution to human kind.  But I also believe that we need one another’s compassion, kindness, understanding and forgiveness.  I believe that we were designed to be interdependent of one another indiscriminate of race, color, creed, religion or socioeconomic status and that all of the things listed above are to be offered to all of human kind by human kind.


The rich and the poor both should be feeding one another on some level, literally and intellectually.  Physical poverty does not equate to mental nor spiritual poverty and physical riches does not equate to spiritual nor mental riches hence we all have something to offer one another even if it’s a kind word, a single piece of bread or a book of knowledge and a feast.  Those who are financially rich have something beyond money or food to offer and that is equality and friendship.  It is rare to see a very poor person dining at the table of a rich person and vice versa.  Some would say it unwise to do so for fear of various things; but what if character was the cause for dining together? Dining with a person of rich character is dining with a person of rich character no matter poor or rich and dining with a person of impoverished character, lacking generosity, kindness and ethical behavior toward others is still dining with that person rich or poor. 


Do we ever cross economic barriers and invite to the table the person of character whom we can learn from who may be considered the most rich?  Do we ever take the time to cross economic barriers and invite to the table the person of character whom we can learn from who may be considered the most poor? 


And how do we know a person’s character besides taking time to talk to them?  It definitely cannot be determined based on religious basis nor outward behaviors nor appearance.   Some people with the most “socially unacceptable” behaviors and others that seem like weirdo’s are the most kind people you could ever meet.  And on the other hand some who appear to be the most ethical and seem to be living for some of the most worthy causes, have hidden agendas and selfish motives and would turn out to be some of the most hateful people you have ever met.


All of that being said; I do not believe that we should mistreat nor avoid like the plague hateful people either, but that character is something that we can only come to know through talking with people and that everyone should be given an equal chance.


I believe that our basic interdependence must be recognized for our survival and sometimes I think that we are forced to depend on those we would not have normally chosen to depend on to show us their character and how much we needed them despite what we thought. 


We all have something to offer others that they need and we all need something from others.  When we are willing to put out consumptions with our own needs aside to focus on the needs of others- that’s love.  Who will you invite to dinner tomorrow?