Good Fathers- Now that’s LOVE


Good Fathers- Now that's LOVE

I recently realized what a sacrifice it is for my husband to get up in the morning and drive our son one and half hours to private school and back. I thought to myself “How in the world did he learn how to be such a great father when he didn’t have such a great example of one in his life?” Where did he pull from to know how to take such great care, pay so much attention and be there for our children when they need him?
He doesn’t just say he loves them or just believes in his heart that he does. He shows them! Not only by being there for them consistently, supporting them in life emotionally and financially, but by sacrificing his own wants and desires for theirs.
I thought of lots of other men whom I know who are also EXCELLENT fathers! There are so many who have fallen down on the job, but there are also so many who have not, and then there are others who have not only not fallen down but have persevered through their own fatherly disappointments and childhood heart aches to do better; to give their children more than what they were offered in the way of a father growing up and not just to give more, but to excel at fatherhood.
Many fathers have had dreams and hopes for their lives, but no matter which ones were realized, the accomplishment of being a great father surpasses them all and makes up for what was not. These men have righted in the lives of their kids a wrong that took place in theirs and have broken what could have been an ongoing pattern of behavior. I am amazed by them and in awe.
Many men are great, but you awesome father surpass them all- this I am sure! And though you do it not for accolades, your glory I will not ignored. TJ
Honoring those men who take care of business with their children! (Especially the ones who did not have an example to follow)
I wish I could have posted a picture above of every awesome father, but those were the ones whom I know and that came to mind immediately when I began to write this, interestingly enough, every one of them had a picture of themselves with their children as one of their profile pictures on Facebook- so they made it easy for me to put together that small collage.
Ya’ll inspire me- and so many others –


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  1. Although some of these awesome fathers may not have had a dad to show them the way, they did have a “father role model” and grandfather who was awesome and I’m sure they learned some things from them. I salute them just like you do. I think it’s wonderful that you are acknowledging them.

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