A little bit of kindness goes a long way!



Sometimes I struggle with being angry with people who are mean to me- as you may be able to tell if you have read some of my previous blogs, but I recently learned two things to help me on this journey of learning how to live out Love. 

1) When I am pissed off, one kind thing from someone can completely change how I feel even if it’s just a smile- and I realize the power of basic, genuine kindness.  That one kind thing may help me to reset my focus and assists me in the process of forgiving an offense; And I have the power to help someone else do the same.

2)  Just because someone is unkind in one regard, does not mean that they are all around unkind.  They may be a stickler about one particular thing, but may turn around and show extraordinary kindness in another area-  and that is the aspect of someone’s character that should be my focus.  Whatever is good in a person is what should be magnified and appreciated and the other stuff disregarded.  When I am thankful for my life and blessings and have a positive, optimistic focus, I find it easier to focus on the goodness in others and be thankful for those things-  and I am still trying to grow in this area.

Thankful for the goodness that is in all of you!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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