And the love quote of the year goes to… “Oloff”- from the Disney movie Frozen


Someone great told me to watch this warm film about the cold, which creatively tells an exciting story about the dangers of a frozen heart and the journey of one young princess to find the answer- and the answer- as in many Disney movies- is, true love.

But what exactly IS true love?

In this movie the queens sister is about to die from being struck in the heart by ice accidentally by the queens rage of anger and pain. The princess’s heart was growing cold and the only thing that could heal her was true love.

Without giving away the entire plot… When true love does in deed heal the princess, Oloff, the most adorable character in the film, a snowman, says it perfectly in a voice that lets you know that it dawned on him suddenly “Love is putting someone else’s needs before your own.”

And there we have it folks, plain and simple. The love that heals us; the love that saves the world; the love that builds bridges and tears down barriers; The love that is the answer to wars and famine; That lifts others up and lowers ourselves at their feet in service- Is the love that puts others needs before our own.

That’s it- that’s Jesus. That understanding is why He was born- in a barn, poor- to serve others. That’s exactly why the story of a king is told humbly- Because that’s who he was- born to serve; born to love. Born to sacrifice himself for the needs of others- And so were we. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Good night- Merry Christmas.
Happy New Year!
Love others the best you can- even if you get angry and smash their gingerbread house 😉 Love can help you repair it.

One year of Love and Truth-


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